Lee Dong Hwi’s Adorable Smile at Girlfriend Jung Ho Yeon’s Mistake at 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards

Lee Dong Hwi smiled happily at the appearance of his girlfriend, Jung Ho Yeon, even though she made a mistake.

On July 19th, at the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards held at Incheon Paradise City, Jung Ho Yeon and Koo Gyo Hwan appeared as award presenters for the Rookie Actor awards. When Jung Ho Yeon appeared, Lee Dong Hwi smiled.

Jung Ho Yeon greeted Koo Gyo Hwan, “I heard that you got promoted in ‘D.P. Season 2,’ congratulations.” Koo Gyo Hwan promoted season 2, “I don’t have much time left in the military. I hope for a lot of support for the upcoming ‘D.P. Season 2.’

When Jung Ho Yeon said, “I’ll also cheer for ‘D.P. Season 2’ too as a fan,” Koo Gyo Hwan replied, “If there’s a chance, I want to come back here as the cast of the same drama as Ho Yeon.

lee dong hwi

At that moment, Jung Ho Yeon made a mistake by saying, “I have to be in the Best Drama with you.” Lee Dong Hwi’s happy expression at his girlfriend’s cute mistake was captured on screen.

Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Ho Yeon have been in a public relationship since around 2016, for about 8 years.

Source: Daum. 

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