TWICE’s various fashion controversies, from political scandals, exposure, to plagiarism

The many fashion controversies of TWICE have caused netizens to wonder when the group’s stylist will be changed. 

Although TWICE has been around for nearly a decade, they still continuously face controversies related to fashion. In fact, the group’s clothing issues range from wearing outdated outfits to significant attire issues, with clothes flaunting sensitive images, plagiarism, and overly exposure. 


As a result, netizens are heavily criticizing TWICE’s stylist, as well as detailing the group’s past fashion controversies 

1. Chaeyoung’s shirts with problematic political images 

Recently, Chaeyoung received such heavy criticism from netizens for posting a photo of herself wearing a T-shirt with a problematic print, to the point she had to delete the photo. In particular, her shirt includes an image of Sid Vicious, a controversial punk icon, as well as a swastika, a symbol on the Nazi flag. The female idol ended up apologizing for her lack of consideration regarding outfit choice. 


Even worse, Chaeyoung also recently wore a T-shirt with the symbol of QAnon – a political conspiracy theory and movement that spreads ideologies of antisemitism, racism, and homophobia, while on stage.

2. Momo, Jihyo, and Mina’s shocking exposure

TWICE members Momo, Jihyo, and Mina have also faced mixed opinions for donning extremely revealing outfits during recent comebacks. In particular, while promoting “Moonlight Sunrise” and “Between 1&2”, the trio wore “excessive” tops that resemble bras, invoking controversial opinions. 

3. Nayeon’s dress with a too-deep neckline 

Back in 2021, things got awkward for Nayeon as TWICE stylists dressed her in a sleeveless dress with a deep V-neck during a fansign. As a result, the female idol constantly used her hair to hide her chests, in order to avoid gazes and not draw attention there. 


4. Jeongyeon’s unflattering outfits

After gaining weight due to her health condition, Jeongyeon repeatedly had to wear unflattering outfits on stage. These outfits made her figure appear heavier and completely failed to flatter her figure, reducing her attractiveness during performances.


5. Dahyun’s plagiarized hanbok

In the MV for “Switch To Me”, Dahyun wore a modernized hanbok, which bears strong resemblances to Jisoo’s outfit in BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” MV. Seeing that Jisoo’s outfit was a custom design, Dahyun’s attire was accused of plagiarism.

dahyun jisoo

In the end, JYP Entertainment later admitted to the plagiarism, apologized to BLACKPINK’s designer, and edited the scene with Dahyon’s outfit out of the “Switch To Me” MV. 

6. Sana and Momo’s short dresses in cold weather

In their early years, TWICE’s stylists were often criticized for making members wear short skirts amid extremely cold weather. Particularly, Momo and Sana had to wear super short dresses at year-end music awards, forcing one of them to held onto the hem in fear of lifting, and the other to cover themselves whilst shivering from the cold. 

Source: k14

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