Lee Hyori shares concerns about her role as a long-time trendsetter “I don’t want to look inferior”

Singer Lee Hyori candidly shared concerns about her role as a long-time trendsetter, earning support from netizens

On Oct 22nd, a video featuring Lee Hyori was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Fairy Jaehyung”.

While talking about “sense”, Lee Hyori praised, “These days, kids are so beautiful that it worries me. They have great sense.”

She further explained, “It’s not easy for us to survive with our level of sense. In the past, I had exceptional sense. No matter what I did, people would say, ‘Is that how you do it?’ My first attempts at hairstyling and makeup were a big deal. But now, that doesn’t exist. Many people do better, and there are outstanding individuals out there.”

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When Jung Jaehyung asked if it is tough for her to already excel but still aim to do better, Lee Hyori replied, “It’s not tough. I don’t want to look inferior. I want to show the younger generation that I have the same level of sense.”

As a trendsetter for over 20 years, Lee Hyori’s sincere concerns resonated with many people. Netizens expressed various opinions, with some understanding her dilemma due to the pressure of staying current in the entertainment industry and others encouraging her to embrace bold changes and not look like everyone else.

Lee Hyori recently garnered attention when she made headlines with bold and unconventional makeup and styling at a fashion brand event. She confessed, “Even today, when I was going to the show, I wondered if this makeup was a stylish choice.”

She also shared an anecdote about her recent collaboration with the makeup artist in charge of NewJeans. She caused laughter by recalling, “I asked the makeup artist to make me look like NewJeans. (The makeup artist) praised, ‘You’re still pretty. You’re a beauty.’ I complained, ‘I’ve aged a lot.’ (The makeup artist) said ‘It’s okay’ then sent me a lot of cosmetics.”

She ended the discussion by saying, “After being in the entertainment industry for so long, I know how to look pretty. I can’t escape from that. I’m still the same. What suits me hasn’t changed. The problem is my stylist and makeup artist. We’ve aged together for over 20 years. That’s the problem. It’s not that people around me are old; the issue is that they know me so well that it’s difficult to suggest, ‘Let’s try something different.’

Lee Hyori’s sincere thoughts have sparked debates about the challenges of staying current and relevant in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori recently released her new song “HOODIE E BANBAJI” and is actively promoting.

Source: Daum

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