Freezia returned to YouTube after 5 month after fake item controversy: “I’m nervous, but please enjoy it.”

YouTuber Freezia, who had been on hiatus after being criticized for use of fake goods, has made her return 

On June 27th, Freezia posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: “Guys, I uploaded a new video. I’m so nervous.


The famous YouTuber also posted several other photos with the message: “Please enjoy it”.

A photo showed Freezia posing intimately with her white dog, flaunting her astounding visuals with youthful makeup and flowy hair.

In another newly-released photo, Freezia could be seen walking her dog outside. The influencer was dressed in a bold white crop top and high-waisted pink pants, which perfectly highlighted her abs and perfect physique. 

Freezia previously attracted huge attention after her appearance in the Netflix dating show “Single’s Inferno”. However, she had to take a hiatus after being revealed to have used fake goods despite being a fashion YouTuber. 

Free Zia

Netizens are reacting mostly positively to Freezia’s return, saying that using fake luxury items is not that serious of a crime. 

Source: tenasia

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