“Snowdrop” releases Jung Hae-in and Jisoo’s fluttering couple still cuts

Jung Hae-in and Jisoo’s couple still cuts have been unveiled.

The production team of JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop” (written by Yoo Hyun-mi / directed by Jo Hyun-tak / produced by Drama House Studio, JTBC Studio) released undisclosed still cuts in which Suho (Jung Hae-in) and Youngro (Jisoo) are fondly looking at each other.

Suho and Youngro confirmed each other’s feelings by having their first kiss in episode 11. The two met for the first time in Bangting and confronted each other with guns because of the given mission and situation, but after countless hardships, they realized each other’s sincerity and confessed the feelings they had hidden. It is interesting to see whether Suho and Youngro, who broke down the wall of heart, can overcome various threats and continue their love in the future.

Jung Hae-in and Jisoo's fluttering couple still cuts

The still cuts released on Jan 20th contained thrilling moments when Suho and Youngro look at each other. The excitement of lovers who start to fall in love could be felt from the two people making eye contact in front of the record store, coffee shop, attic and dormitory. Jung Hae-in and Jisoo’s fantastic visuals harmonized with the beautiful set and lighting, which boasted their couple chemistry.

In episode 12 of “Snowdrop” which will air on Jan 22nd, Suho and Youngro become more and more comfortable with each other. Suho and Kangmoo (Jang Seung-jo) plan to expose the presidential election maneuver to the world, but meet an unexpected ambush.

Jung Hae-in and Jisoo's fluttering couple still cuts

In addition, unbelievable situations are expected to occur in the dormitory, and the content of Suho and Kangmoo finding a spy who blends among them will unfold.

Viewers are paying attention to what will happen to Suho and Youngro, who confessed their feelings while sharing their first kiss. JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Snowdrop” is broadcast at 10:30 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday.

Jung Hae-in and Jisoo's fluttering couple still cuts
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