ITZY Lia and rapper Ponemeco did Lovestagram? Netizens found photos taken at the same place on the same day

Netizens pointed out similarities in the cherry blossom pictures posted by ITZY member Lia and rapper Ponemeco.

Suspicions of ITZY Lia (22 years old) and Ponemeco (30 years old) going to the cherry blossom festival together in April and doing Lovestagram recently spread in online communities.


Netizens suspected the two after examining their proof shots of the cherry blossom. Accordingly, Ponemeco posted on his Instagram a picture of him watching the cherry blossom at midnight on April 2nd. 

The next day, on April 3rd, Lia also posted a photo of the cherry blossom on ITZY’s official Instagram account. The photo shows Lia wearing a ball cap and standing under a cherry blossom tree with her arms spread out widely. It is unknown who took the picture for her.


Netizens took a closer look at the location where the two took the pictures and pointed out several coincidences. Details, such as the parked cars, crosswalks, and streetlights, were the same. Even the places where the cherry blossom petals fell on the parked car in both pictures matched.

In response, netizens commented, “Did they go watching the cherry blossom together?”, “Lia went to see the cherry blossom with the members two days before she posted the picture but I don’t think the picture was taken at that time”, “Zico once revealed that Ponemeco is a fan of ITZY”, etc.

Other netizens questioned, “Did the two happen to be in the same place?”, “How can the cherry blossom petals on the car happen to look the same?”, “Did Ponemeco take the picture for Lia?”, “A girl group member is dating a rapper?”, “If the two are really dating, I hope their romantic relationship lasts long”, etc.

Source: Wikitree

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