Lee Kang-in’s Former Coach on “Fly Shoot Dori” Defends Him Against Rumors of Punching Son Heung-min

On February 15th, singer Lee Jung shared a screenshot on her SNS captioned ‘Facts of the Lee Kang-in incident.’

The caption reads, “Lee Kang-in said, ‘Of course not. But even though the association admitted it, I have nothing more to say. Still, it’s true that Heung-min and I had a dispute, so I apologized.’ The issue was created on an SNS channel about rumors, etc.

Regarding this, Lee Jung wrote, “These days, the world is busy spreading gossip without confirmation.” 

lee kang in-son heung min

Lee Jung wrote a post mixed with swearing, saying, “I already know that all you bastards are liars. Unfollow if you’re uncomfortable. Instead of babbling nonsense, find everything out. It’s really pathetic.”

In the past, Lee Jung appeared as a coach on the football variety show ‘Fly Shoot Dori,’ where Lee Kang-in appeared when he was a kid. At that time, Lee Jung had a special affection for Lee Kang-in.

Meanwhile, Korea’s national football team is in a noisy situation due to internal conflict. Korean Media reported that before the Jordan match on February 5th, some young players left the dinner table early to play table tennis, causing dissatisfaction. 

At this time, Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in got into a fight, during which Son Heung-min’s finger was fractured. The Korea Football Association quickly admitted this.

Source: nate

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