Radio show host came under controversy for asking Kep1er’s Mashiro if she was jealous when ITZY debuted before her

The way the host of ‘Cultwo Show’ asked Mashiro (Kep1er) about ITZY made fans uncomfortable.

Sakamoto Mashiro is one of the famous members of Kep1er even before she joined ‘Girls Planet 999‘ and debuted in the group. The reason is Mashiro was a trainee under JYP for 2 years (2016 to 2018). She was one of the outstanding ex-trainees of JYP who drew much attention thanks to her sweet and pretty visuals. At that time, Mashiro was considered one of the potential ‘candidates’ to debut in the lineup of ITZY. She practiced together with Ryujin, Yeji and Lia, and got close to them.

sakamoto mashiro

However, in the end, Mashiro was unfortunately not chosen to debut in ITZY. She then left JYP. After months of competing in Mnet’s survival show, Mashiro ranked No. 8 in the finale and officially debuted with Kep1er. Even so, it seems like many people still can’t forget about Mashiro as a former trainee of JYP.

Mashiro’s fancam for ‘WA DA DA’ – Kep1er’s debut song

On January 9, 3 Kep1er members Kang Yeseo, Mashiro and Choi Yujin guested on the radio show ‘Cultwo Show.’ During the girls’ appearance, the host drew criticism for asking Mashiro insensitive questions regarding ITZY‘s debut.

Cultwo Show

Specifically, this host asked Mashiro: ‘You trained with ITZY right?’, to which Mashiro said yes. The host continued: ‘You must’ve felt a bit upset when they made their debut first‘. Mashiro then responded, ‘We practiced together and then it was announced that they would be debuting. It was a bit difficult for me, but we are maintaining a good relationship and always supporting each other.’

Cultwo Show

If it just stopped there, there’s nothing to argue about, but the problem is that the host went on to ask more rude questions. He continued: ‘ITZY’s debut song ‘DALLA DALLA’ was very successful, right? Honestly, are you jealous of them?’ Mashiro answered, ‘I felt a bit jealous and glad at the same time. I was very happy for them. When I knew I could debut, they called me. We met once on a music show while filming ‘Girls Planet’. ITZY members kept saying ‘Unnie, fighting!’ and cheered me on a lot.’

Video of Mashiro being asked about ITZY

After this video was posted, many fans criticized the host of ‘Cultwo Show‘ for inappropriate questions to Mashiro. Many fans claim it’s not fair for Mashiro to be the only one asked about her former company and co-trainees, while neither Kang Yeseo nor Choi Yujin were questioned about their previous debuts. Fans also praised Mashiro for her professionalism and smart response. 

Many fans are not satisfied when the show host only 'interrogated' Mashiro about her relationship with ITZY even though they have now gone down different paths.
Many fans are not satisfied when the show host only ‘interrogated’ Mashiro about her relationship with ITZY even though they have now gone down different paths.

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