HYBE hint at the company’s upcoming girlgroup: “CRIMSON HEART”?

Today (4 November), HYBE held a year-end briefing to mark the end of a successful year for the entertainment company and its artists. Chairman Bang Si-Hyuk and HYBE America co-CEO Scooter Braun first greeted the crowd via their YouTube channel, introducing the theme of ‘BOUNDLESS,’ which refers to the unity between all of their different country operations and entertainment branches.

Notably, HYBE made a revelation about “Crimson Heart” – the last of the original stories that will be released within the next year. Since the characters are teenage girls, fans think this is the story of the next girl group.

Crimson Heart is a coming-of-age story set in the city of Refugia, a controlled city cut off from the magical land of Unknown – a magical land filled with Blue Flames. The story unfolds when the girls one day find a mysterious ancient book and a red necklace in the library.  They go on an adventure to a strange world in search of the “Island of Blue Fireflies”. Previously, HYBE also registered the copyright for “Crimson Heart“.

Meanwhile, HYBE will cooperate with GEFFEN and UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP to open an audition to find members for a global girl group.

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