This actress, who had a “victim-playing” scandal, made a successful return in “Nacro-Saints”

This actress, who got involved in a serious scandal, is bringing a fresh wind with her comeback after a long hiatus. 

Recently, the Netflix drama “Nacro-Saints” (also known as “Suriname”) has been gaining intense popularity. The series, which features actors Hwang Jung Min, Ha Jung Woo, Park Hae Soo, Jo Woo Jin, and Yoo Yeon Seok, is receiving a lot of praise for its intense writing and excellent acting. 


In the midst of this, attention is being focused on the identity of an actress, who was selected for the role of Jeon Yo Hwan (Hwang Jung Min)’s associate. She is none other than Kim Yewon, an actress who originated from the group Jewelry. 

Previously, Yewon’s agency announced the actress’ casting news, and revealed that she overcame a competition ratio of 500 to 1 to earn her role. 


However, “Nacro-Saints” is not Kim Yewon’s acting debut, as she has previously appeared in K-dramas “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”, “Class of Lies”, “She Knows Everything”, and is a cast member of upcoming movie “Shall We Kiss First”. 


In the past, Kim Yewon was embroiled in controversies, after a video showed her conflict with senior actress Lee Tae Im on the set of the MBC program “My Tutor Friend”.

In particular, a 2015 video showing Lee Tae Im repeatedly cursing at Kim Yewon went viral, leading to Lee Tae Im being buried in criticisms, apologizing to Kim Yewon, and Kim Yewon accepting her apology in kind words. 

However, a full video was later revealed, showing Kim Yewon being rude to Lee Tae Im first, glaring at the senior actress during the outburst, and cursing at Lee Tae Im after she left the scene. The public then turned their back towards Kim Yewon, canceling her and calling her behavior “victim-playing”. 

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