Ahn Ji Young (BOL4) updated for the first time after 10 months of activities suspension

Ahn Ji Young (BOL4), who had temporarily suspended all activities due to her anxiety and poor health, has recently reported her current status.

On September 13, Ahn Ji Young uploaded a post on her fancafe titled, “Hello, loBoly”.

She began by saying, “I had been looking for an opportunity and gathering all my courage before I came to greet you. Therefore, I decided to tell you about my current situation on my birthday. Since I haven’t met you for nearly a year, I don’t know what to start with.”

Ahn Ji Young told fans about her current status: “It’s quite embarrassed to say, but I haven’t been doing well for a long time. I was exhausted; my body and my mind were very tired. I have been working hard for the past 4 years and have also achieved good results. Therefore I thought that was enough for me. At the moment, I can still hear the sound of your cheers from here. Well, I have been going to the hospital to check up on my health and take medicine regularly. I want to get closer to you, so I’m writing this letter.”


She continued, “I want to say thanks to all the people around who helped me get back to my normal life. Not long ago, while I was thinking about how to start over, singer Vanillaman suggested 2 options: Working hard with goals or make the kind of music that I want to do for a long time regardless of the results.

Both are fine to me. However, I have lost much of my energy, so I think I should spend more time resting and making good music for a long time. It doesn’t mean that I do not care about the results. Although I have no confidence in accepting the results naturally, I think I should do things for myself. Moreover, I think loBoly trust me and also trust my music and would happily listen to my songs for a long time.”

In the end, Ahn Ji Young said, “For all the time that I was away, you have continued to listen to my songs, search for my videos and send many supportive messages for me. Thank you so much. I may come back a bit late, but you would still welcome me, right? On this birthday, I want you to be the first person to congratulate me. I love you all.”

Earlier, in November last year, Shofar Music announced Ahn Ji Young’s suspension of her entertainment activities to concentrate on receiving treatments. The company stated, “Since the first half of this year, Ahn Ji Young has frequently visited a medical institution due to her anxiety and poor health. She has been receiving treatments through psychotherapy and medicine prescriptions.

Considering the health of our artist as the top priority, we decided to let her focus on resting and receiving treatment. We would like to temporarily stop all her activities until she recovers. Please refrain from speculating and spreading misunderstandings about Ahn Ji Young’s health and activities.”

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