Rosé occupied the spotlight but Jennie had less screen time in the new MV of BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK fans are always arguing about the screen time, but when the MV “ Lovesick Girls ” was released, everything was strangely peaceful.

BLACKPINK has comebacked with the MV “ Lovesick Girls ” and as always, fans are extremely interested in each member’s screen time, besides their music and their singing part. The reason is because BLACKPINK has 4 members, but fans are always arguing about who is biased and who is treated unfairly. This comeback, BLACKPINK does not need to share the screen time with any guest singers. The group could freely show off and this time, the spotlight belonged to Rosé.

In the MV Lovesick Girls, the female idol took the lead with more than 1 minute 43 seconds, followed by Jisoo, Lisa and Jennie. However, the difference in the amount of screen time among the members is negligible.

Considering the proportion of close-ups and solo scenes, Rosé continues to be at # (29.03%). Although Jennie has the fewest personal scenes, her recording time accounts for 23.22% of the entire MV, but this number is only a little less than Lisa and Jisoo – the two members who hold the second position #2 and #3.

Rosé made the most appearances in the MV Lovesick Girls while Jennie had the fewest screen time, but this result did not disappoint fans. On the contrary, BLINKs also compliment that this time YG divided the screen time … quite evenly. The difference between the members is negligible, so everyone has their chance to shine.

Many people also believe that Rosé has finally received the attention she deserves after the MV Ice Cream which was released in August. “Australian Rose” is the main vocal, but she had the fewest parts and screen time.

But with MV Lovesick Girls, Rosé showed off her unique voice and acting skills through emotional expression scenes. This is also the reason why netizens and fans are satisfied with the way to divide the screen time in this MV and hope YG will continue to do like that!

On YouTube, the majority of comments are positive:

  • Jisoo got treated like a visual I’m crying
  • The line distribution is fair. The screen distribution is also fair
  • Rose you did it again you kicked the haters with your dancing, beautiful vocals and visual. You own it, girl. Haters gonna hate Rose is going to debate. This is Blackpink’s Era

Sources: k14

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