“Sasaeng idol fans gave me money and told me to take photos in the W.C for them”

Many sasaeng fans even follow Kpop idols to the restroom or steal their luggage.

In the video interview with YouTube channel Ayo, Kim Soo Dal and Ha Kyung – 2 experienced former flight attendants, together shared many stories about their work. In the process of working, the two met many artists such as SNSD, EXO, Super Junior, TVXQ!, SHINee, BIGBANG,… Two former flight attendants told some creepy stories about sasaengs – idol stalkers.

Kim Soo Dal shared, “They carry large cameras and constantly take pictures of idols. Some people follow idols to the gate to take pictures of them shopping at duty-free shops in the airport.” She added: “Then when it was time to get on the plane, they asked for a refund. Some people even complete all the procedures and then give a certificate that they are not old enough to fly but must be accompanied by their parents.”

Sasaeng Fans

According to the sharing of the former flight attendant, a fan even gave them a tape recorder and said, “When he (the idol) checks in and talks, can you record it for me?”. After idols finished using the restroom, they either ran in to smell their body or followed him/her all the way to the toilet. 

Sasaeng Fans

They even give money to the janitors to take pictures of idols. Some people even intentionally stole the idol’s suitcase on the conveyor belt. They arbitrarily opened the suitcase and rummaged through to see what was inside.

“Since the safety of our passengers is paramount, if the situation is too dangerous, we have to call the police and airport security. So please don’t do that.” – Soo Dal added

Sasaeng Fans
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