Simon Dominic also leaves AOMG “Part ways after 10 years”

Singer Simon Dominic leaves AOMG

According to SPOTV News on April 22nd, Simon Dominic recently decided to terminate his exclusive contract with AOMG.

Simon Dominic is one of the iconic figures of AOMG. He joined AOMG in 2014 after Jay Park founded the label in 2013. He has been with the label for 10 years.

Simon Dominic

As CEO DJ Pumkin resigned, singers such as Gray, Woo Won-jae, Lee Hi and Goosebumps, who represented AOMG, left the label one by one. In the midst of this trend, Simon Dominic’s decision to part ways with AOMG also draws attention.

Simon Dominic debuted in 2005 and was active as a member of the group Supreme Team from 2007. He is currently known as a solo singer and is considered a star representing Korean hip-hop. In addition to his music activities, he is active on various entertainment programs such as “Witch Hunt”, “EXchange”, “I Live Alone”, “Show Me The Money” and “High School Rapper”.

Source: daum

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