LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha draws admiration for her amazing flexibility during the MV shooting 

LE SSERAFIM member Kazuha surprised netizens with her flexibility which makes people think it was made by CG effect.

On May 14th, the second MV shoot sketch video of LE SSERAFIM’s first mini-album “FEARLESS” was uploaded on the girl group’s official Youtube channel. It is a behind the scene of LE SSERAFIM’s music videos.

The members began to shoot the scene where they sit in a red sports car. At this moment, Kazuha’s amazing flexibility caught the eyes of not only fans but also netizens.

Kazuha sat on the left door and was posing with her chic charm. In particular, she showed off her flexible waist by bending her body like a ‘folding phone’ as soon as the filming began.


This scene of Kazuha, who was focusing on doing cool poses in the wind on the filming site, immediately drew attention. Many people guessed she would have bent her back with the support of the car door, but Kazuha actually did it using only the strength of her waist.

The scene of Kazuha showing off her flexibility also came out nicely in the music video. The female idol acted as if she was about to fall behind by opening her arms widely, giving off an elegant charm.


Fans gave enthusiastic responses to the behind footage, saying, “I can’t believe that she only used her waist strength for that scene”, “If I were to watch it at the filming set, I would scream in shock”, “Her core strength is amazing because she’s a ballerina”, etc.


Kazuha also revealed her flexibility when appearing on “Weekly Idol”. On the broadcast, she surprised everyone by bending her body at 90 degrees with her legs stretched wide apart during the Limbo challenge. 


Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM is a girl group formed by HYBE, the company established by producer Bang Shi-hyuk, who created and raised the global idol group BTS, is carrying promotion activities for their debut with HYBE’s full support. 

Source: insight.co.kr

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