The entice from the sex addict Jung Joon Young: “Sleep with me, I’ll help you become a celebrity”

MBN recently revealed details of Jung Joon Young’s sex seduction and also released new information about how the singer had been accused of similar accusations not only in 2016 but also last year.

This year, Jung Joon Young officially said goodbye to the entertainment industry because of a series of serious accusations: taking illegal sex clips of 10 victims, distributing clips, photos to the chatroom with 8 other people, sex trafficking from Korea to Europe and most recently illegal golf betting. In 2016, Jung was sued by his ex-girlfriend for sexual assaulting but eventually escaped the crime as he admitted to filming sex clips of two people but said that it was completely voluntary.

According to the latest news from MBN, Jung Joon Young was not only accused of illegally recording sex clips twice (in 2016 and 2019 – now) but even being finely investigated by the Crime Investigation Unit of the Police Department of Seoul city last November because of the illegal recording. The investigation information from last year indicated that not only one but many female victims were recorded by him. Notably, Jung Joon Young seduced the victim with a promise: “Sleep with me, I’ll help you become a celebrity”. With the promise of exchanging a bright future in the entertainment industry, many victims have fallen in the trap of Jung Joon Young.

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In 2016, Jung Joon Young claimed that he had lost his phone. The male singer is suspected of going to the “back door” to make the investigation difficult. Specifically, at that time, the police in charge of the case ignored the data recovery process of the forensic unit to conclude the case. That’s how Jung Joon Young escaped from the crime.

In 2018, male singers caught in the same accusation. However, when the Forensic Unit asked for documents to be handed over to the restored data, the prosecution refused. The prosecutor’s office said that the case was similar to the 2016 case, so it was decided that the transfer order was unnecessary. MBN affirms, the context and the number of victims in the case in 2018 are completely different from the 2016 case and the prosecution’s judgment has some unusual points.

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