Preorders for TXT’s 4th mini album surpassed 1.44 million copies, breaking their own record

HYBE’s boy group TXT (TOMORROW x TOGETHER) has once again broken their own record for preorders. 

According to the album distribution company YG PLUS on April 30, the preorders for TXT’s 4th mini album “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” has exceeded 1,447,000 copies as of April 29. 

The firm revealed that preorders for the album, including both domestic and international sales, surpassed 816,000 copies within 6 days, and 1,447,000 copies within 15 days. With this number, TXT will be able to achieve the “Million Seller” title, which is reserved for artists whose single album sales exceed 1 million copies, for the first time since their debut. 


It is a whole 10 days until their comeback, yet TXT has already doubled their previous record of 700,000 pre-ordered copies for the 2nd full studio album “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze”. The group’s album sales have been on an upward trend ever since their debut, showing a bright prospect in the future. 

TXT’s “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child” will be released on May 9th, and is the final minisode album before the group move on to a new series, ending “The Dream Chapter’ and ‘The Chaos Chapter’. This new album will depict the journey of a boy who gets to know more about himself and the world around him.


Fans of the group are extremely excited, especially after HYBE dropped concept photos that showcase an intense and dark aura never seen before in this group. Following promotions for “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child”, TXT will hold their first world tour called “TOMORROW X TOGETHER World Tour”, which starts this July. 

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