Rumor: Lee Jaewook Just Broke Up with A Trending Actress Before Meeting Karina

There have been circulating rumors that Lee Jaewook was dating an actress until December 2023, before meeting aepsa’s Karina 

Earlier on February 27th, both Lee Jaewook and aespa’s Karina officially confirmed their relationship. Lee Jaewook’s agency stated, “The two are getting to know each other now,” and requested, “Please respect their privacy.”

Lee Jaewook and Karina reportedly met at Prada’s event in Milan, Italy, last month and were caught on dates mainly near their homes and in residential parks.

karina-lee-jae wook

However, as reported by TenAsia, there has been a rumor circulating that Lee Jaewook was in a relationship with a trending actress until December last year. 

Some insiders in the industry speculate that Lee Jaewook was in a relationship with the actress for over a year, and the timing of meeting Karina in January does not significantly differ.

lee jae wook

The news outlet stressed that “only Lee Jaewook knows the truth.” 

Following this, Lee Jaewook’s company issued an official statement: “We have identified defamatory posts containing false information on social media aimed at tarnishing Lee Jaewook’s reputation. We will take robust legal action against such posts.”

Source: TenAsia

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