Knetizens Criticize Dispatch for Releasing Karina – Lee Jae Wook Dating News: “It’s Been Only 1 Month”

Since the moment Karina (aespa) and Lee Jae Wook were deemed to have been struck by cupid's arrow at Milan Fashion Week 2024 until now, it's only been a little over a month

On February 27th, the notorious Dispatch unexpectedly released evidence of Karina and Lee Jae Wook’s relationship. The news outlet stated that the two had feelings for each other since their first encounter at the Prada show during Milan Fashion Week 2024 in January. Dispatch revealed that the two artists had kept in touch and entered into a new phase of their relationship. Despite their busy schedules with performances and filming, they still made time for each other whenever possible.

Dating within the idol community is an “unspoken rule” that is not necessarily prohibited, but it’s best not to reveal it too early, especially when they are in the developmental or prime stages of their careers. However, instead of the “main characters” Karina Lee Jae Wook facing opposing opinions from the public, the criticism is directed at Dispatch.

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As of now, Karina and Lee Jae Wook have only known each other for a little over a month. Both companies also stated that the two are simply getting to know each other. Netizens are angry because they don’t understand why Dispatch released the dating news too soon. Dispatch had previously declared that they wouldn’t expose the dating life of rising stars, so Knetizens believe Dispatch has gone back on their word.

  • “They should have waited at least 6 months before reporting. I don’t think it’s right to report on their relationship within just 1 month.”
  • “Dispatch had previously declared that they wouldn’t report on rising stars. But I guess their definition of rising stars is selective.”
  • “Seriously, the entertainment content writers at Dispatch should be sued… They report without verifying the truth and believe it’s correct.”
  • “Dispatch is the worst of the worst. When will they stop stalking celebrities?”

There are suspicions raised amidst the wave of criticism when Dispatch’s timing of releasing the dating news was overly sensitive. On February 28th, the drama “The Impossible Heir” starring Lee Jae Wook will air. Meanwhile, Karina is preparing for a new album and comeback with aespa in April this year. The two may face a significant loss of supportive fans for their comeback due to the dating news.

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