A Korean volleyball player commits suicide in his home, netizens are left heartbroken reading his past comment, “I don’t wear makeup” 

Volleyball player Kim In-hyuk had been going through a tough time mentally as he dealt with hateful comments on social networks.

It has been confirmed by Korean media outlets that professional volleyball player Kim In-hyuk passed away at his home on February 4. After an investigation was conducted, Kim In-hyuk reportedly took his own life. Police are currently still verifying the final relevant matters.

Kim In-hyuk, 27, was having a difficult time struggling with injury and has only played two games this season. However, this is believed not to be the reason why he decided to leave this world. According to his close ones, Kim In-hyuk had been suffering from mental problems due to malicious comments on social networks.

Volleyball player Kim In-hyuk passed away on February 4
Volleyball player Kim In-hyuk passed away on February 4

In August 2021, Kim In-hyuk also talked about this on his personal Instagram in a heartbreaking comment. 

“For the past 10 years, people have misunderstood me. I thought that ignoring them would be the best, but now I am exhausted. None of you have ever seen me up close, and you know nothing about me, and yet you constantly bully me with your hateful comments. Please stop, I’m so tired of them. 

Listen, I do not wear makeup and I have never worn it. I do not like men, I have a girlfriend, and no, I have never acted in any adult movie in my life. Again, I did not apply mascara or any eye makeup. I only put on toner and lotion”

Kim In-hyuk wrote in the comment

Despite Kim In Hyuk‘s pleas for help, the cyber bullying aimed at him did not subside. The death of the 1m92-tall volleyball player has continued to spark a wave of protests against cyber-violence. Many netizens have asked the authorities to take strong measures to prevent this situation. On February 6, female streamer Jammi also committed suicide due to depression after being repeatedly attacked on social networks.

Kim In-hyuk
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