Netflix’s K-drama “The Sound Of Magic” is going viral outside of Korea, even setting a record like this

“The Sound Of Magic” has perfectly made use of what viewers around the world like.

According to Flick Patrol, an online content service ranking website, on May 11th, the K-drama “The Sound Of Magic” was ranked No. 1 on “Netflix Popular TV Program” in 15 countries as of the previous day. The series finished fifth in the overall ranking.

“The Sound Of Magic” is a new Netflix original series that was released simultaneously in more than 190 countries on May 6th.


This musical-style drama depicts the story that happens after the mysterious magician Rieul (played by Ji Chang-wook) suddenly appeared in front of Yoon Ah-yi (played by Choi Sung-eun) who lost her dream and Na Il-deung (played by Hwang In-yeop), a boy who is forced to receive a dream he doesn’t want. This story is based on a webtoon by author Ha Il-kwon.

The Sound Of Magic

The form of “musical drama” in which the actors sing and dance in the middle of the story has been a rare genre among Korean works.

Entering the era of OTT (a service that provides media content such as broadcasting programs and movies through the open Internet), many diverse strategies has emerged through different works, but the attempt to combine the musical genre with drama was a challenge for director Kim Sung-yoon.

Director Kim explained in the behind-the-scenes of the work’s production process that he did not intend to do a musical drama at first, but he had decided to use music to maximize the emotion of the main characters.

It was not intended, but the reason why “The Sound Of Magic” is so popular in countries such as India is attributed to this “musical drama” format.

The Sound Of Magic

India is the country that created “Bollywood”, where they tend to lead the atmosphere of dramas through musical elements, such as music and dances which appear throughout the stories.

In “The Sound of Magic”, scenes of students dancing and singing together appear several times, and these parts are analyzed as factors that captivated Indian viewers.


Based on the TOP 10 video content on Netflix, Flix Patrol gives scores, compiled, and disclosed the rankings by country.

According to the release later on the same day, “The Sound of Magic” topped the list of most-watched TV Shows in 15 out of 42 countries and regions, including Bahrain, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Maldives, Oman, Pakistan, the Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

Source: wikitree.co.kr

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