Is it a crime to date Karina? Lee Jae-wook suffers from malicious comments “Serious violation of personal rights”

Actor Lee Jae-wook (25) is going through a difficult time. Since the news of his relationship with aespa's Karina (real name Yoo Ji-min, 23) was revealed, he has been plagued by malicious comments and unfounded rumors

Earlier, on Feb 27th, a representative from Lee Jae-wook‘s agency C-JeS Studio told MyDaily, “The two are getting to know each other. Since the actor is in the middle of filming and it is his private life, we ask you to treat him with warm eyes and respect.” An official from Karina’s agency SM Entertainment also mentioned that they are “getting to know each other“, acknowledging the relationship.

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Their relationship was made public through a report by Dispatch. It was reported that they met at a luxury brand collection in January and developed into lovers. The media outlet even quoted acquaintances saying that the two fell for each other at first sight.

While it is a relationship that should be celebrated, the aftermath is more significant. Some fans of Karina, who is considered the “representative fourth-generation girl group visual”, are showing signs of agitation, and there has been a noticeable increase in malicious comments directed towards Lee Jae-wook.

Lee Jae-wook

Eventually, Lee Jae-wook’s side hinted at a firm response. On Feb 29th, C-JeS Studio stated, “After articles about Lee Jae-wook’s personal life were released, despite our official statement asking for warm regard as they are still getting to know each other, we have confirmed malicious posts online insulting the actor and containing false information with malicious intent.”

They added, “This is a serious violation of personal rights, and we inform you that we will take strong legal action through our legal representatives.”

Source: Daum

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