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BTS V “My dad cried after watching ‘You Quiz'”

“World star” BTS V visited tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block” for the second time, looking like a little prince.

V, who is about to release his first solo album “Layover”, appeared on the Sep 6th broadcast of “You Quiz“.

In 2021, all members of BTS appeared on “You Quiz”. Regarding his second appearance, V said, “I thought ARMYs would react positively. Especially, this is a program that my dad likes. He watched my previous ‘You Quiz’ broadcast and talked to his friends about it proudly. He said he raised his children very well.”

BTS V You Quiz On The Block

On the broadcast at that time, V revealed his future hope, “I resemble my dad a lot, so my dream is to become a person like my dad.” V caused laughter by imitating his father, “My dad cried after watching that broadcast. My dad called me, fought back tears then said, ‘Oh my! You did a good job.’

He also revealed some secret stories about his father. V shared, “My dad often says, ‘The only thing left is family.’ Even when I was sleeping, he whispered to me, ‘The only thing left is family.’

BTS V You Quiz On The Block

V, who is going to release his solo album, celebrated his 10th debut anniversary. He explained, “The title ‘Layover’ means transfer. It’s about looking back on me, who only ran hard, and slowly getting to the destination.

The members’ reactions to V’s album were also revealed. V raised expectations by saying, “I let J-Hope and Jungkook listen to it. They said, ‘It’s refreshing. It fits you perfectly.’ I recorded it while receiving directions at Jungkook’s house.

Source: Daum

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