Late actress Choi Jin-sil’s daughter surprised netizens for revealing she’s living with her boyfriend

Choi Joon-hee, the daughter of the late Choi Jin-sil, made a surprise revelation about her boyfriend.

 Choi Joon-hee's Instagram
 Choi Joon-hee’s Instagram

On January 21st, Choi Joon-hee turned on a live broadcast on her Instagram and communicated with her followers by reading comments. Choi Joon-hee has already released photos of her boyfriend, so she naturally responded to comments related to her relationship.

When an SNS user asked if she was living with her boyfriend, she proudly replied, “I’m living with him.” Then she explained, “In fact, we don’t live together, but as I came (to Busan) because it’s vacation, we’re at home together.”

On the same day, Choi Joon-hee said she is in a long-distance relationship between Busan and Seoul, and her boyfriend is an office worker. As for the  long-distance relationship, she said, “When I go to Seoul, we often fight because I miss him,” adding, “I’m very jealous and my boyfriend is very obsessed.”

 Choi Joon-hee

When another SNS user said, “Your boyfriend is an ordinary person, so I think it would be good for you to avoid personal questions,” the influencer agreed and saved her words.

Earlier, Choi Joon-hee became a hot topic by releasing a photo with her boyfriend showing natural skinship.

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