AOA’s Seol Hyun collapsed and almost vomit during a performance (ft. agency’s reponse)

AOA’s Seolhyun worried fans due to her poor condition.

AOA appeared in short hot pants and crop tea. They performed their big hits such as “Like A Cat”, “Bingle bangle,” “Excuse Me”, “Heart Attack” and received big cheers from the audience.

Seolhyun appeared at an event held at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 15th.

At that time, Seolhyun looked a little under the weather. From the beginning, she continuously held her mouth as if she was gonna throw up.

But when the song started, she handled herself professionally. She was doing her best not to let her fans down. Must not forget about their sharp dance moves.

As soon as the stage was over, Seolhyun bowed her head and she held herself on the ground by her hand. She was exhausted to such an extent that she couldn’t get up for a while.

The members approached her in concern and asked if she was okay. Seolhyun nodded like she was okay but she was sweating.

But immediately her nausea continued. The members walked out of the stage zone by her side supporting her.

In the microphone that AOA is holding, Seolhyun’s voice was heard quite clearly. The audience couldn’t imagine how painful it would be.

Eventually, the female staff took her in a hurry. Seolhyun was nauseous and reached her limit so much she almost broke in half.

Fans were very worried about the female idol’s health. “It’s cold these, I feel like she has a very bad cold,” “It was so professional of her to have continued the stage even in the worst conditions.”

Regarding Seolhyun’s situation, FNC responsed, “Seolhyun has returned home after receiving treatment at a hospital and is taking a rest. We will pay more attention to the health of members of the AOA. Once again, we apologize to fans for causing concern.”

Source: Dispatch

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