BLACKPINK Lisa shares tight hugs with Billie Eilish and Dominic Fike at Coachella 2023 

BLACKPINK Lisa shows off close friendship with U.S. singers Billie Eilish and Dominic Fike at Coachella 2023.  

On April 19th, BLACKPINK Lisa posted several photos with the caption, “Fun in the desert.” In the released photos, Lisa was seen in a comfortable outfit, with a mini skirt and black ribbon. The singer was apparently having a fun time at various locations and sceneries where the Valley Music and Arts Festival took place. 

lisa billie eilish

The main dancer also took photos of herself hugging Billie Eilish and Dominic Fike. They grinned from ear to ear while pressing their cheeks together in the picture, boasting a close friendship that crosses borders. From the released images, Lisa seems to have watched Dominic Fike’s performance. 


Recently, BLACKPINK, Lisa included, drew attention by headlining Coachella 2023 with spectacular performances and an impressive light show on April 15th (local time). The group is set to do another headlining set on the 22nd (local time). 

Source: My Daily 

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