The wealthiest member of TWICE, Sana reigns with a variety commercial deals: Three deals come rushing in within one month 

TWICE Sana proves her increasing capability with a range of commercial deals. 

TWICE Sana is sedimenting her visual prominence with many beauty brands coming her way. On March 24th, the female idol officially became the Muse for YSL Beauty Japan, drawing attention for her charismatic short hair and exuding confidence. 

Sana (TWICE) became the new Muse for YSL Beauty Japan. (Image: YSL) 

Previously, Sana drew attention as the Brand Ambassador for MISSHA. She received praise for a blooming visual and versatile poses that brought out the uniqueness of herself and the products. She conveyed a variety of spirits, from energetic and cute to classy and powerful. 

Sana became the Brand Ambassador of MISSHA. (Image: MISSHA)

Early in March this year, Sana was announced Ambassador of eSpoir. The idol boasts a flawless beauty and captivating visuals that stole all the spotlight. 

sana espoir
Sana as the Ambassador for the cosmetics brand eSpoir. (Image: eSpoir) 

The series of campaigns are concrete proof that Sana is more than what others make of her. With versatility, Sana can use her beauty for a more successful career. Currently, Sana is the wealthiest member in TWICE with a net worth of 3 million USD. 

Sana is the wealthiest member of TWICE with a net worth of 3 million USD. (Image: Instagram m.by__sana)

Source: YAN News 

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