The Truth Behind Alleged YG’s New Girl Group Copying NewJeans

A rookie girl group said to be from YG Entertainment causes a stir for copying NewJeans 

Recently, the account of a rookie girl group named “OldPants” was shared on TikTok and attracted keen attention. In particular, their Instagram account even mentions “yg”, making netizens speculate that this is a new project by YG Entertainment. Moreover, some even pointed out that this alleged YG group plagiarizes the concept of Min Hee-jin’s group NewJeans.


First, the way they name the group ‘OldPants’ is similar to ‘NewJeans’ even though the meanings are completely different. OldPants also has a rabbit logo, which has been a signature brand of NewJeans ever since the group debuted. 


Unlike NewJeans, OldPants has only 4 members but their names, Jinie, Rosa, Lida, and Jiwoo, remind people of BLACKPINK members Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo.

Based on the information on Instagram, OldPants looks like a group from YG Entertainment because they also put “yg” in their account like other YG groups. That’s why some suspect that YG is trying to use the fame of the two popular K-pop girl groups BLACKPINK and NewJeans.

However, even before it could become a controversy, the truth was already found out.

In fact, OldPants is a new girl group from ON1 Rookies project, which includes trainees Sazuka, Yura, Jiyeon, Hadam, Subin, and one unreleased member. This group has nothing to do with YG.

YG is only preparing for the debut of BABYMONSTER, a new girl group with 7 members. The agency recently confirmed that the group would debut this November.


Source: K14

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