“The Glory” receives praise of sophistication with only one line: The true identity of Yeon Jin’s daughter has been revealed early in the series? 

Viewers expressed their amazement at the skills of “The Glory” writer, Kim Eun Sook. 

After “The Glory” finishes airing the first and second part of the whole drama, viewers are taking their time looking back at seemingly minor details in order to discover connections that might have ben missed. More specifically, the connection between Ha Ye Sol and Jeon Jae Joon is thought to have been implied in the early encounters between the two. 

jae jun

In detail, when Jae Joon knows Ye Sol is his biological daughter, he runs to the school to find her and eagerly asks what she likes. In response, the girl wittingly says she likes Samsung and Kakao stocks. She also explains it was her mother who taught her that. Near the end of the series, when Jae Joon comes to school to look for Ye Sol, he says proudly he has bought the stocks from Samsung and Kakao for her. 

Netizens believe Ye Sol chooses those two specific stocks because she could only see the two colors on their logos, which are deep blue and bright yellow. As a person with color brightness, Ye Sol, and her biological father Jae Joon, could not perceive red or green. Therefore, fans draw the connection that the relationship between the two was hinted in the first part of the drama. 

In response to the new discovery, fans said: “I’m getting chills,” “This must be intentional, Kim Eun Sook is so cool,” “This is crazily sophisticated.” 

Source: K14

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