“The 8 Show” Turns into Fashion Runway with “Craziest Female Lead”

A character in viral K-drama “The 8 Show” stuns viewers with her bizarre personality and impressive wardrobe. 

The recently released K-drama *The 8 Show* has received high praise from viewers, with increasingly intense plot twists leading up to the final episode. The series is highly regarded for its engaging content, and viewers are particularly captivated by the well-crafted characters, especially the female lead nicknamed “8F” played by Chun Woo-hee.

In “The 8 Show”, 8 people with distinct personalities participate in a game to earn money. They all share common difficulties in life, either lacking money or happiness. Initially, they try to help each other to earn as much money as possible from the organizers. However, they gradually realize that the benefits and amounts they receive are different. 8F (played by Chun Woo-hee) stays in the largest room, and the money she has equals the total amount received by all the others.

Notably, this character has a quirky personality. While everyone else tries to limit spending and save every penny, 8F immediately uses up her initial money to buy things for her enjoyment.

chun woo hee the 8 show
The female lead appears with a glamorous, seductive, and luxurious look.
chun woo hee the 8 show
She is lucky to pick the highest floor number, hence called “8F”
chun woo hee the 8 show
The female lead is the only one with beautiful clothes, using the common time of others to shop for herself.
chun woo hee the 8 show
“The 8 Show” is like a fashion show for Chun Woo-hee.

Furthermore, she consumes 12 meal boxes and uses 12 bottles of water meant for everyone. In episode 2, 8F uses up the common time to convert it into money and buy clothes. Her selfishness drives everyone crazy. But later, she suggests sleeping with 6F to exchange for 69 hours, extending the earning time for the players.

In episode 4, it is 8F who pushes for a violent game, causing the characters to act violently towards each other. However, she is also the one who discovers the rules of the competition and shows sharpness in many situations.

Chun Woo-hee brilliantly portrays the craziness and selfishness of her character. When everyone gathers to oppose her, she immediately uses her privilege to cut off food and water supplies, forcing them to apologize and not dare to defy her.

chun woo hee the 8 show
The role of 8F is a highlight of the film.
chun woo hee the 8 show
The selfishness of 8F creates conflicts among the characters.

However, since 8F’s floor is the first place food is delivered, she controls the food and water supply, making everyone obey her.

It can be said that 8F represents the wealthy class dominating South Korean society. Those who stand above the rules and laws, acting according to their own will, with everyone else having to comply and satisfy them. The character 8F is the most interesting role in *The 8 Show*, driving the K-drama’s thrilling developments.

Source: K14

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