“Why do we have to lose to Korea?”… The CEO of a big agency that has just debuted a girl group sparks controversy with his anti-Korea remark

Girl group XG is being criticized for the anti-Korea attitude of the CEO of their agency.

XG is a seven-member rookie girl group that debuted with their first album in March. It’s a group produced by XGALX, which is affiliated with the Japanese entertainment agency Avex.

The members are all Japanese but their SNS account are being promoted in Korean. Also, all the lyrics of their recently released songs are in English.

The girl group just made their official debut in Korea on the 30th of last month, but attention is being paid to the controversial remark of Avex CEO Matsuura Masato.

Describing XG, he said, “This is a project I created with a Korean producer, not a Korean label. All the members are Japanese and they are not like K-pop idols. They are has a more American style”.

He added, “Why do we have to lose to Korea? Japanese can also do it. At first, Korean singer BoA actually came to Japan and imitated Japanese style for her promotion.”

Such content spread to Korean online communities and caused huge public criticism to arise. Netizens reacted, “Why is he mentioning BoA all of a sudden?”, “Are you having an inferiority complex?”, “Then promote in Japan”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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