Lack of presence in her acting works, Jeon So-min seems to be working harder on her side than on the main job

Her side job is doing much better than her main job somehow. 

Her main job is an actress. Jeon So-min has appeared in various dramas, but has not achieved any significant results, while her side job is constantly mentioned on media. Jeon So-min, who first made her name known on entertainment programs such as SBS’ “Running Man,” continues to meet viewers with her outspoken appearance in entertainment shows. 

Jeon So-min

In particular, Jeon So-min earned the nickname “Love Frog” by using frequent flirting with male cast members and production staff as her entertainment character. Some people are concerned about Jeon So-min’s somewhat excessive moves, but Jeon So-min does not care. However, this time, she also confuses the cast and crew by hinting at her involvement with the “Running Man” production team. On July 24th, the members were criticized for knowing everything from PPL items to filming concepts in advance. 

jeon so min

From the appearance of male guests on “Running Man” to “Sixth Sense,” due to which Jeon So-min is unable to pay attention, to even the spreading rumors of her love affairs with the production team, is consumed as entertainment topics. It is ironic that Jeon So-min’s love affair on entertainment programs is often the main topic on portal sites, but somehow she can’t use that strength in acting, which is her main job. 

It has been 17 years since her debut, but she is still struggling to find her representative work, which shows how weak her presence as an actress is. 

jeon so min

In addition, it is unusual that “Princess Aurora,” which is picked as her representative work, received only attention because it was the work of writer Lim Sung-han, and since then, she has been acting strangely quiet compared to her popularity. It is also regrettable that she has no other memorable works except for “Top Star Yoo Baek,” in which she was shadowed by the charms of Kim Ji-seok and Lee Sang-yeop. In particular, even though she did her best in JTBC’s “Cleaning Up,” which is a women’s narrative drama that recently ended, Jeon So-mi regrettably couldn’t show anything much due to Yeom Jung-ah and Kim Jae-hwa’s passionate performance.

jeon so min

At the production presentation, which was held before the release of the drama, Jeon So-min said, “I’m so happy that I can do both entertainment and drama. I think it’s happy and fun to be able to work a lot. The transition should be handled well, but sometimes it is mentally difficult for me to make such a transition, but I am gradually building up my know-how,” she said, but she seems to have failed completely to build up that know-how.

cleaning up

In particular, her drama “Cleaning Up” ended with only over 3% in rating in the final episode. Even in the 1% range, the responsibility as a leading actor is unavoidable. If the actor’s acting is not as attractive in addition to the drama’s fun plot, viewers will still leave the channel. Unlike entertainment shows, Jeon So-min’s move, which rarely reveals her charm in dramas, is also a situation that hurts her pride as an “actress.”

jeon so min - cleaning up

Jeon So-min is getting her main job and side job mixed up it seems. Amid her fading presence as an actress in viewers’ eyes, she is stuck in the opinion that she fits well as an entertainer rather than an actress.

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