This is the Korean drama with the worst rating right now

The film that marks the reappearance of the most hated Running Man member receives a not very good record.

From the beginning of this year, moviegoers have had the chance to enjoy a series of hit K-Dramas with positive ratings or strong coverage on social networks. Seo Ye Ji’s Eve, Jinx’s Lover with SNSD Seohyun, Jo In Sung’s Doctor Lawyer,… are some names that can be called. However, “Cleaning Up” of the trio Jeon So MinYum Jung AhKim Jae Hwa doesn’t have the same faith as those hits. The ratings of this drama is quite low and there’s no need to talk more about the coverage of it on SNS. It is no exaggeration to put “Cleaning Up’’ on the list of the worst works in Jeon So Min’s career.

“Cleaning Up” started with a rating of 2.7%, a figure that is not too low for a drama airing on JTBC. However, its achievements have continuously decreased since the second episode and even dropped to 1.9% in episode 5. The highest achievement of “Cleaning Up” so far is 2.8% for episode 6. Currently. Episode 8 has been aired and its rating stopped at 2.2%. Given this situation, the drama’s rating will soon fall to the level of 1%.

Before its broadcast, “Cleaning Up” was expected to be a successful comeback of Jeon So Min. In the drama, she plays An In Kyung, who works as a cleaner at a brokerage company with two best friends. She has a dream of buying a food truck for her mobile cafe business.  During a cleaning, the three accidentally overheard the confidential information of their company at their boss’s workplace. The trio decided to take advantage of this inside information to invest their money in a stock in the company, raising money for their life’s dreams.

Playing the role of An In Kyung, Jeon So Min is said to be able to properly show her forte. This character has a cheerful, energetic personality, which is very similar to herself in the show Running Man. Her acting abilities are also pretty good, which makes viewers feel at ease. Jeon So Min’s image is particularly simple because she portrays a female cleaning staffer. She has almost no makeup but is still very beautiful and radiant. Unfortunately, her beautiful visuals and impressive acting skills cannot save a drama with such a boring script.

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