Current whereabouts of Pyo Ye Jin and Lee Na Eun, who were put next to each other due to “Taxi Driver” casting replacement 

While Pyo Ye Jin is coming back in season 2 of “Taxi Driver”, Lee Na Eun has returned to social media.

In March 2021, Pyo Ye Jin was cast in SBS’s drama “Taxi Driver” as a replacement of Lee Na Eun, who was wrapped up in controversy over school violence at the time. In the drama, Pyo Ye Jin took on the role of Ahn Go Eun, a hacker of Rainbow Transport with excellent skills in stealing personal information. This character was originally played by Lee Na Eun. 

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The first season of “Taxi Driver” received a lot of love from viewers, recording the highest rating of 12.3% from the first episode. The cast’s excellent acting, a fun storyline, and the non-stop crime-fighting action made the drama a success. 

Lee Na Run went into filming, but unfortunately had to drop out of “Taxi Driver” amid the controversy to focus on a legal battle. In January of last year, Lee Na Eun announced that she had sued  A, who claimed that they had been bullied in elementary school by Na Eun, for defamation due to the spread of false information. The charges were recognized.

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Lee Na Eun’s side said, “A is reflecting on their mistakes and has continuously conveyed the will to apologize to Lee Na Eun. They personally wrote an apology and delivered it.”  Lee Na Eun accepted A’s apology and decided to withdraw the complaint, and although it was late, she has been freed from suspicion of school violence.

In the meantime, “Taxi Driver” successfully finished season 1. Season 2 premiered on February 17th. Pyo Ye Jin’s character Go Eun, after becoming a police officer and resolving a case involving a corrupt police officer, returned to Rainbow Transport again, raising expectations. 

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Coincidentally, on this day, Lee Na Eun updated fans with her current situation after a long absence. On February 18th, she posted her profile picture on Instagram. Although she was taking a break, her beauty increased even more. Fans are also pouring out enthusiastic welcome comments on Lee Na Eun’s Instagram after a long time.

Although the joys and sorrows were mixed with “Taxi Driver”, fans are looking forward to both actresses walking the flower path in their respective positions.

Source: Nate

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