Han So Hee commented on an Instagram game ad that has been going viral 

Actress Han So Hee drew attention from many fans by commenting on a game advertisement on Instagram.

One of the most prevalent things for the MZ generation these days is SNS advertising. In particular, there are a fair share of people who have installed paid apps or purchased products due to ads in SNS platforms such as Instagram. 

Amid this trend, a game advertisement has been appearing on Instagram frequently and catching the attention of many people. 

han so hee

To win this game, players must make a wall by drawing lines to protect a puppy from getting stung by bees. 

At first glance, it is an ordinary looking game advertisement, yet the ad became a hot topic through various online communities and SNS in Korea – simply because Han So Hee left a comment on it. 

In particular, the actress asked earnestly, “So how do I draw this so that the puppy won’t be attacked by bees?”

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Fans who discovered Han So Hee’s comments left replies such as “I think you can draw it in the shape of an erect dumbbell“, “Han So Hee is really cute”, “I was really curious so I installed the game”, and “I love you so much.”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee often communicates with fans through Naver blog as well as Instagram. Whenever she publishes anything, explosive reactions stream it from netizens. 

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Through her cute gesture, Han So Hee shows off her easy-going charm and relatable daily life, despite being a top star. 

Source: Insight 

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