The blockbuster “Arthdal Chronicles 2”  to return, directed by the director of “The Great Battle” and will start the filming this year

“Arthdal Chronicles 2” is confirmed to will be released but actors have been confirmed to join the project

On the 21st, an official from Studio Dragon told Sports Today, “‘Arthdal ​​Chronicle’ is being prepared with the goal of crank-in this year.” Next, he explained, “The script will be written by Kim Young-hyeon and Park Sang-yeon.”

Arthdal Chronicles 2

“Arthdal Chronicles” was popular in 2019 as a fantasy film depicting the fateful stories of heroes writing different legends in the ancient land of “Arth.” For the first time in the history of Korean dramas, the series dealt with “Taego,” a pre-history era, and was evaluated for creating a worldview that no one has ever tried before. At the beginning of the work, it was not welcomed due to it’s plagiarism controversy and difficulty, but as it progressed to the second half, viewers’ expectations surged and expectations for Season 2 also rose.

In addition, tens of billions of production costs were reportedly invested, drawing attention. The all-time scale and set shooting shown through the “Arthdal Chronicles” are expected to continue until season 2.

In Season 1, which aired in 2019, Jang Dong-gun, Song Joong-ki, Kim Ji-won, and Kim Ok-bin continued to perform under the direction of director Kim Won-seok. Jang Dong-gun’s appearance is quite certain in Season 2, but the remaining casting is currently undecided.

Studio Dragon also told Sports Chosun that “’Arthdal Chronicles’ Season 2 is preparing for the filming to start this year, and beside the information about director Kim Kwang-sik of the movie “The Great Battle” has been confirmed, and nothing has been confirmed regarding the casting.”

The “Arthdal Chronicles” previously hinted at the possibility of another drama production and also mentioned the expansion of it’s worldviews to games and webtoons. Game company Netmarble announced on the 27th that it is preparing for the “Arthdal Chronicles” MMORPG, which is scheduled to opeI in 2023. Studio Dragon will produce “Arthdal Chronicles” Season 2 and collaborate with webtoon studio Y Lab to produce “Arthdal Chronicles” webtoons.

According to Studio Dragon and others, “Arthdal Chronicles 2” will begin its production process with the goal of broadcasting in 2023.

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