These female Kpop idols are drop-dead gorgeous, but why do they only have one hairstyle? 

Despite having outstanding visuals, these female Kpop idols never change their hairstyle.

As one of the most talented and beautiful members of their respective groups, aespa Karina, ITZY Ryujin, and several others truly shine amid the crowd. However, due to only ever having one hairstyle, these idols were set into one specific image, making them rather bland to netizens. 

karina - rose
aespa Karina and Rosé stayed loyal to only one hairstyle. 

Kpop girl group aespa recently performed at the music festivals of Korea University and Hanyang University. However, while other members adore new stunning hairstyles, Karina once again had her straight hair down with a middle part. 

aespa karina

This hairstyle has appeared ever since Karina first debuted under aespa, in all performances and even advertising campaigns. Therefore, fans are demanding for SM hairstyle to switch up Karina’s hair at least for once. 

aespa karina
Compared to her group mate, aespa Karina wore a quite familiar hairstyle. 
aespa karina
Fans noticed that Karina’s hair is always long, straight, and parted in the middle. 
aespa karina
This style stays in commercial pictorials and films. 

According to aespa’s fans, Karia has a symmetric and small face with a sharp jawline. In addition, her hair is smooth and strong, and therefore can handle a huge diversity of hairstyles. However, SM’s hairstylist keeps going back to the same old long dark hair, which is never even curled. As a result, fans couldn’t help but feel frustrated that their idol is stuck in the same image over and over again

aespa karina
Karina in short hair – photo edited by a fan. 

In the case of BLACKPINK Rosé, the female idol actually tried out a fair share of hair colors, from black to an eye-catching platinum blond. However, netizens are still dissatisfied, claiming that like Karina, Rosé is stuck in a loop of straight, long hair with a middle part. 

Rose Blackpink
The long straight hair has been with Rosé since her debut days.
She often appears on magazine covers with straight hair
Rose Blackpink
A rare time that the female idol had a curly hairstyle caused a stir

After a period of criticism from fans, the YG hair stylist changed Rosé’s hairstyle.  Recently, the female idol has become the center of attention thanks to her medium length platinum hair.  However, despite having her hair cut, Rosé still appeared on the cover of the magazine with the familiar low bun hairstyle.

blackpink rose
Rosé’s short hair attracts people’s attention.
Rose Blackpink
But her straightened hair still looks pretty boring

Ryujin is the most popular member of ITZY.  She has a beautiful face, and a girl crush style.  Like Karina and Rosé, Ryujin has rarely changed her hairstyle since debut.  The female idol is always remembered for her short, straight hair.  Although she has tried many hair colors, Ryujin still has not had a strong breakthrough in terms of style.

Ryujin and her familiar hair style

In the rare times that Ryujin had long hair, she became the focus of fans’ attention.  She looked both feminine and luxurious with long hair.  For now, though, Ryujin still wears her hair short, and cuts her bangs herself.

itzy ryujin
Ryujin attracts attention when wearing long hair.
itzy ryujin
Ryujin’s cool hairdo
itzy ryujin
Recently she cut her bangs herself

Since the above female idols are all very pretty and can try all kinds of hairstyles, fans are asking the hair stylists to help them change more hairstyles in the future.

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