BLACKPINK Jennie Clarifies Instagram Error, “I’m Sorry”

Jennie, a member of girl group BLACKPINK, has clarified a speculations about “social media error”.

On July 11th, BLACKPINK Jennie posted a photo on her Instagram story with the caption “This is my first time doing this.

Jennie created a poll asking fans for their opinions on whether she should post all six delayed posts today or take it slowly, “Should I upload all the remaining posts at once or take it slow?


Afterward, Jennie explained, “It’s not an error. I just posted all the photos I didn’t post yet…” and apologized for her Instagram uploads.

Earlier on the same day (July 11th), Jennie posted photos and videos that she hadn’t uploaded before, starting with her recent visit to an exhibition, captioned “Moments filled with inspiration and happiness” and “Exploring hidden gems” and “Inner peace.”

In particular, Jennie shared photos she personally took, “A precious night witnessing the Milky Way. I couldn’t capture it with my photography skills, but I wanted to convey the warm atmosphere I felt along with the cold wind on that day.”

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For her final post, Jennie revealed pictures taken during the Hyde Park performance, “Thank you, London. Let’s spend a crazy night together at Hyde Park. Thank you, Blinks. Our pink sea shines brighter than ever.

BLACKPINK became the first K-pop group to perform at the “Hyde Park British Summer Time Festival” held in London, England on July 2nd.

Source: Nate

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