BLACKPINK Lisa Announces Solo Shows in France but the Venue Sparks Mixed Reactions

Lisa has set fans abuzz with the announcement of her solo performances in France, which includes five shows at the iconic Crazy Horse nightclub.

On September 6th, BLACKPINK Lisa surprised fans by sharing promotional posters for her upcoming solo shows set to take place in Paris, France. The shows are scheduled for September 28th, 29th, and 30th, and Lisa will be delivering unique cabaret performances that include classic medleys like “But I Am A Good Girl” and “Crisis? What Crisis!?”


Crazy Horse, the renowned nightclub, expressed its excitement about this unprecedented collaboration with Lisa, promising unforgettable memories for attendees. Tickets for Lisa’s performances are priced at 250 euros each, and it’s worth noting that all tickets for the first night (September 28th) have already sold out.

However, the choice of venue has stirred up divided opinions. Crazy Horse is famous in France for its topless cabaret performances, which are considered artistic expressions. The club’s unique shows have been franchised to other countries, but cultural differences led to the cessation of these shows in Singapore.


Despite concerns about the venue, some speculate that Lisa’s performances might differ significantly. There are suggestions that she could showcase musical theater or entirely new dance routines, distancing herself from the club’s traditional offerings.

Moreover, these performances are shrouded in secrecy, with strict rules prohibiting attendees from taking photos or videos for social media sharing.

Source: K14.

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