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Contestant Exposes Mnet’s “Boys Planet” Poor Treatment and Abandonment of Injured Trainees

Fans are lashing out at Mnet’s alleged poor treatment of “Boys Planet” trainees

Over the years, Mnet’s survival shows have birthed popular idol groups like I.O.I, Wanna One, IZ*ONE, and the latest addition, ZEROBASEONE. However, these shows have not been without their fair share of controversies, including vote rigging, manipulation and mistreatment of contestants. “Boys Planet” recently came under fire when contestant Ollie spilled some shocking details.


In a livestream, Ollie shed light on the injury he sustained during the show. Apparently, he injured his hand during filming, but Mnet staff prevented him from seeking medical help: “I was in so much pain that I told the staff I needed to go to the hospital. However, they kept reassuring me, saying, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay. Just rest and wait until filming is over.’ I was in excruciating pain, feeling like my bones were shattered, and my hand was trembling. Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore and had to call an ambulance myself.”

Following Ollie’s revelations, many fans expressed their outrage towards Mnet. At the time of filming “Boys Planet”, Ollie was just 16. Furthermore, the show faced allegations of manipulating contestant narratives to influence the votes. Nearly 100 contestants had to endure grueling training and filming, regardless of late nights and challenging weather conditions.

Source: K14

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