Kpop idols supporting LGBT: BLACKPINK – BTS openly express, fans are touched by the reason Heechul refused to address gay rumors

In South Korea and many Asian countries, the LGBT community is becoming more acknowledged and respected but there still exists discriminations. Despite the prejudice of a group of people against this community, famous K-pop stars always try to show respect and support for them. Fans are seeing more and more idols who openly support LGBT.

Today, on the occasion of the International Day against LGBT phobia, the actions of supporting this community of famous idols are brought back by fans. Thanks to their delicate and adorable actions, society has become more positive and open toward LGBT.


The YG girls have not just once publicly supported the LGBT community. In 2019, at a concert in Manila, Philippines, after a fan threw a rainbow flag on stage, Rosé held the flag symbolizing LGBT and smiled happily, waving the flag and looking directly at the camera. Lisa then fondly smiled at Rosé and carefully folded the flag.

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Moreover, while in the US, when a female fan gave Rosé a stuffed animal and said it was a gift from her girlfriend on their first date, the female idol immediately asked who her girlfriend was. When the fan pointed to her lover in the crowd, Rosé did not hesitate and immediately praised: “Aw that is so cute“. She also subtly asked if the fan wanted to take back the stuffed animal after knowing this is a very meaningful gift. Especially when fans wished that she could keep the gift, Rosé agreed immediately and brought the stuffed animal to Korea and carefully kept it.

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Lisa also repeatedly expressed love and respect for the LGBT community. She used to insert music of gay male singer Troye Sivan in her Vlog posted on Youtube, dance cover to the song of singer Kehlani – another artist of the LGBT community.

Jennie also constantly acted in support of the LGBT community when responding to fan messages and said that a girl’s love is not necessarily for a boy. Jisoo showed her support by wearing a printed shirt with the famous figure in the LGBT community – Sandra Brant in the MV “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du“. Notably, during a concert in Australia, the group changed the color of stage lighting to the rainbow color, the symbolic color of LGBT.

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These are just a few among countless times BLACKPINK girls openly support LGBT. Through this, fans more appreciate the 4 girls’ golden personalities, being open-minded and respectful regardless of gender.

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2. Heechul (Super Junior)

Heechul also revealed the reason for not addressing the rumors regarding his sexuality and made many fans touched. He is often rumored to be gay and dating other male artists. However, Heechul never denied it, and his reason is: “At first, I wanted to deny that I was gay, but I felt that if I did, I could possibly disrespect sexual minorities. Whether it’s overseas or in the country, there could be a gay person among the male fans who come to our concerts. I thought that I would feel apologetic towards those fans.’’

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3. BTS

The “international princes” BTS also openly support the LGBT community in a subtle way. J-Hope once wore a rainbow-shaped belt when rehearsing in England, leader RM also shared on Twitter his respect and admiration for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love“: “This song is about same-sex love. It’s good when you listen without paying attention to the lyrics, but even better if you do “. He also once introduced to fans on Twitter the song “Strawberries and Cigarettes” by Troye Sivan – a famous gay singer.

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Like J-Hope, V also used to wear a rainbow outfit to support LGBT. Jimin used to share that he listened to the song “Honey” by Kehlani – an LGBT artist – after waking up. In addition, there are so many other times BTS members being vocal about their support and respect for LGBT artists or subtly share their views on love regardless of gender.

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4. Sunmi

The famous singer Sunmi surprised many fans when she shared in a concert: “I have many different sides of me like dorky and LGBT queen…“. Many fans then misunderstood that she was coming out and Sunmi had to correct it, she went on Twitter and openly showed her support for LGBT: “Haha I was saying I have so many different sides of me like dorky and LGBT queen…’ Yeah, I support LGBT but don’t get me wrong guys.”

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5. Red Velvet

Red Velvet also repeatedly expressed their support, and shared an open mind towards the LGBT community. On a trip to Vienna, Seulgi and Wendy discovered a traffic light showing a female couple. The two were extremely surprised and excited by the unique lights. Wendy said “That’s so pretty! So cute!”. When she returned to Korea, Wendy said, “It aims to decrease prejudice against gender and disability, and respect diversity. That’s why they installed traffic lights like that.’’

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Moreover, in the MV and the performance of the song “Peek-a-Boo“, Red Velvet members wore rainbow patterns. The youngest member Yeri also specially wore a shirt with the line “Love Sees No Color“. The members also said that they know the meaning of the outfit in an interview. More specifically, at a concert in Los Angeles, fans got emotional when they saw Yeri happily wrapped herself in the rainbow flag given to her by fans.

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6. Taeyeon

Taeyeon is also a famous female singer who often shows respect and appreciation for LGBT. On October 11 – the national coming out day in the US – Taeyeon posted a rainbow photo on her Instagram . Although this is just a small action, Taeyeon has scored a huge point in the fans’ hearts. In addition, the leader of GG also excitedly took photos with the drag queens.

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