Kim Woo Bin – Shin Min Ah, Ma Dong Seok – Ye Jung Hwa, to be married soon? Korea’s long-term celebrity couples are drawing attention 

Whenever news of an actor’s marriage is announced, netizens focus on the long-term couples, and question when exactly they will get married. 

With various Korean actors and actresses holding their wedding within the first half of 2022, many netizens are discussing strong and ongoing couples of the entertainment industry who have dated for a long time, highly anticipating a happy ending for them. 

kim woo bin shin min ah

Below are some notable long-term couples in the Korean entertainment industry:

First, Hwang Bo Ra and the CEO of Workhouse company Kim Young Hoon (also known by his stage name Cha Hyun Woo), are getting married in November, 10 years after announcing their relationship. Kim Young Hoon is the 2nd son of seasoned actor Kim Yong Gun and younger brother of famous actor Ha Jung Woo (whose real name is Kim Seong Hoon).

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” Hwang Bo-ra

Hwang Bo Ra and Kim Young Hoon, who were close, developed a romantic relationship back in 2013. Born in 1958, Hwang Bo Ra is 40 years old this year, while Kim Young Hoon is 43, making him 3 years older. The couple, who started dating in their 30s, are finally tying the knot in their 40s. 

Besides Hwang Bo Ra and CEO Kim Young Hoon,who else is the most iconic long-lived couple in the entertainment industry? For Korean netizens, it’s the “actor ♥ actress” romance between Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin

kim woo bin shin min ah

The couple, who have a 5 years age gap, met during an advertisement shooting, and have been dating for 8 years. They admitted to be lovers after rumors of them spreaded back in 2015, and have since led a love life without negative gossip of discord or breakup. 

Many netizens also find this long-lived romance admirable after Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017, and had to suspend his activities. Throughout this adversity, Shin Min Ah stayed by his side, taking care of him throughout the treatment, and the two grew even stronger. 

Our Blues

Afterwards, Kim Woo Bin moved to Shin Min Ah’s agency, and the two recently appeared together as cast members of the tvN drama “Our Blues”. They supported each other as colleagues rather than showing off their love in public. 

In an interview during the promotion of her movie “Diving Diva”, Shin Min Ah shared about Kim Woo Bin, who returned after a full recovery, saying: “We have the same job and we support each other.” 

shin min ah kim woo bin

The next couple is Oh Nara and former musical actor Kim Do Hoon, who have been dating for over 20 years, showing strong trust and affection and sharing a love that goes beyond. Explaining their decision to still not marry, the actress said: “I can get married, but I don’t think it’s meaningful to get married, so I’m in a relationship.” 

Another couple that has been constantly rumored to be getting married are actors Ma Dong Seok and Ye Jung Hwa. The two overcame their 17-year age difference and have been dating publicly since 2016. Ye Jung Hwa stopped all her entertainment activities after admitting that she and Ma Dong Seok were an item.

ma dong seok ye jung hwa

In particular, Ye Jung Hwa accompanied Ma Dong Seok to the premiere of the movie “Eternals” held in LA last year. Ma Dong Seok introduced Ye Jung Hwa to his co-star, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie as his ‘fiancée’, sparking the marriage rumors. Ma Dong Seok was born in 1971 and turns 52 years old this year. Since the marriageable age has passed, the news related to his wedding drew much attention. Netizens are curious about when the two will announce their wedding.

Ma Dong Seok ye jung hwa

A couple with a large age difference who have been together for a long time is actors Nam Goong Min and Jin Ah Reum. The two met as director and actor in the movie “Light My Fire” and grew into lovers. Nam Goong Min drew envy by showing his affection for Jin Ah Reum without hesitation regardless of the occasion, such as on TV shows and awards ceremonies.

nam goong min

Although they have been together for a long time, a couple who still feels “fresh” are actor Jung Kyung Ho and Girls’ Generation and actress Choi Soo Young. They have been dating publicly for over 10 years since 2012. Their cute relationship gains much admiration. The two even revealed their conversation on the phone on TV. Jung Kyung Ho and Soo Young have developed their romance in the public eye without any negative issues. They have been receiving constant support from fans and establishing themselves as a wannabe couple in Korea’s entertainment industry.

Actors Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Ho Yeon have been dating since 2015, and singer Se7en and actress Lee Da Hae have been together since 2015. The two couples do not hesitate to mention each other on the air. Se7en and Lee Da Hae even appeared on variety shows side by side.

jung ho yeon-lee dong hwi

Singers Hyuna and Dawn, who left their former agency Cube Entertainment after they announced that they were dating in 2018, are still happily in love. The two recently revealed their engagement rings, signaling their marriage. Actors Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol have also been dating publicly since 2017. The two were rumored to break up several times, but each time there are reports of their split, they show off their solid love for one another.

hyuna dawn instagram

Yoon Hyun Min and Baek Jin Hee have been in love for 6 years. Yoon Hyun Min, who has been quietly dating, recently appeared on “The Return of Superman” and said, “Of course, I’m getting married soon. I like daughters. I want to have a daughter,” raising interest in his marriage and children plans with Baek Jin Hee.

yoon hyun min baek jin hee

Seeing couples who have been dating for a long time announce their marriage makes fans as happy as seeing their friend getting married. Of course, not all romance ends with people tying the knot, but the marriage news of celebrity couples with longevity are especially worth looking forward to.

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