Late Youtuber Kim Yong-ho Summoned In Park Soo-hong’s Refutal Of Father’s Private Life Disclosure

Park Soo-hong denied all the claims made by his father at his older brother’s trial

On October 13th, Park Soo-hong’s legal representative refuted the controversy over the actor’s private life issue through Money Today, saying “The claim of Park, Park Soo-hong’s father, is a lie that is not worth explaining”.

Park Soo-hong

Earlier on the same day, Park made a revelation about Park Soo-hong’s private life at the trial of his eldest son, which was held by Seoul Western District Court’s Criminal Agreement Division 11. Park Soo-hong’s father revealed unconfirmed information about Park Soo-hong’s private life, such as “Park Soo-hong created a slush fund for his girlfriend”, “He gifts foreign car to his girlfriend”, “Park Soo-hong once asked his older brother and sister-in-law for help as his girlfriend got pregnant”, etc.

In this regard, Park Soo-hong’s lawyer said, “We don’t know whether the purpose of the trial was to cover up the embezzlement charges of his brother or spread false information about Park Soo-hong”, adding “Park’s claim was also said by the late YouTuber Kim Yong-ho, and Park Soo-hong also sued Kim Yong-ho”.

The lawyer emphasized, “Kim Yong-ho died before receiving the final ruling but all of his claims are groundless”, adding “Until his death, Kim Yong-ho failed to provide evidence and witness to support his claims. Kim Yong-ho also said he heard it from Park Soo-hong’s sister-in-law”.

Kim Yong-ho

Park Soo-hong’s side continued, “The slush fund allegation is ridiculous. When the trial began, Park Soo-hong’s bank account only had 34.8 million won. Do you know what kind of car Park Soo-hong is using? It’s a 40-million-won jeep car bought under the name of his wife Kim Da-ye”, adding “What should he do when his own parent spreads false information about him? He felt so ashamed and embarrassed that he just wanted to run out of court”.

Regarding the current situation of Park Soo-hong, the lawyer said, “He must have felt so terrible after reading the articles so he hasn’t contacted me.”

The prosecution believed that Park Soo-hong’s older brother and sister-in-law committed various financial crimes, including using funds for real estate purchases totaling 1.17 billion won from 2011 to 2021 without authorization, misusing 90 million won for personal expenses, stealing 90 million won from the corporate card, withdrawing 2.9 billion won from the complainant’s account without permission and embezzling 1.9 billion won.

Park Soo-hong’s brother and his wife denied most of the allegations, and the next trial will be held at 11:10 a.m. on December 1st. Aside from the criminal charges, Park Soo-hong also filed a civil lawsuit against the two to claim 8.66 billion won in damage in June.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Kim Yong-ho was found dead at a hotel in Busan on the 12th. The cause of death is presumed to be extreme choice.

Source: Wikitree

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