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SHINee Onew makes a surprise appearance on “Omniscient Interfering View” during hiatus 

Onew’s appearance with alarming severe weight loss before suspending activities was revealed on “Omniscient Interfering View”.

The June 24th broadcast of “Omniscient Interfering View” showed SHINee members preparing for their comeback.

That day, manager Nam Eui Soo introduced SHINee’s comeback song “Hard”. He said, “This time, they chose hip-hop to prove that SHINee could also do such a genre”. SHINee members were then seen practicing with choreographer Kasper and Beyoncé’s dancer Carney.

The members then spend time sharing talks during the break. Onew asked the manager, “Did Taemin go home to get some rest too? How interesting”. Taemin wondered, “If we had received a choreography at this level back in 2008 when we debuted, how many months would we have practiced to master it?”. Onew replied, “Probably around two and a half months?”.

While talking about their past promotions, Onew exclaimed, “We were called ‘HaengSHINee’ (SHINee at events) back then”. Key added, “We even went to a Korean Beef Festival and the Red Pepper Festival”. Onew also shared a story from that time, saying, “It would be a big problem when we forgot to bring our in-ear monitors when performing at such events.” Taemin then confessed, “I accidentally left the in-ear monitor in the car once”. Key added to Taemin’s revelation, saying “Taemin took the microphone monitor instead of the in-ear monitor”, drawing laughter. 


Especially during the filming that day, Onew drew attention as he showed an extremely skinny appearance due to severe weight loss.

Earlier on June 9th, SHINee’s agency SM Entertainment said, “Onew visited the hospital after experiencing health issues and has since received medical examination and consultation. And it’s been advised that he will be needing medical care and rest”. They added, “After careful and extensive discussion with Onew and the group, Onew will be unable to participate in the upcoming concert and album activities. The upcoming SHINee concert and album activities will proceed with Key, Minho and Taemin”.

Later, Onew also left a message on his personal Instagram account, saying “I will try my best to recover my health and return. I’m sorry for causing concern to many people, and I would appreciate it if you can consider this time for me to take a short rest so that I can be with SHINee and you all in the future”, adding “I will come back in good health condition so that we can spend good days together and make each moment of our lives meaningful. I’m sorry for worrying you all.”

Source: Wikitree

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