SHINee Onew announces temporary halt in activities due to health reasons

SHINee Onew will sit out of comeback promotions due to poor health condition.

On June 10th, according to SM Entertainment, SHINee Onew will halt activities due to health reasons. Fans are worried about his current status in recently released photos. In the released pictures, he dropped weight drastically and appeared bone skinny.


In response to growing concerns over his health, SM Entertainment released the following announcement, “Recently, Onew visited the hospital after experiencing health issues and has since received a medical examination and consultation. It has been advised he will need medical care and rest. After careful discussion with the group, they have decided to have Onew focus on recovering for the time being as he will be unable to participate in the upcoming activities”.

Previously, SHINee was planning to celebrate their 15th debut anniversary, organize a fan meeting, prepare for the 8th album and the upcoming concert in June.

Shocking images of Onew at the rehearsal for Music Bank at the KBS New Hall

Since March, Onew has caused fans to feel worried about his tired, devitalized, and aging appearance when he took part in the rehearsal for Music Bank at the KBS New Hall.


Onew was born in 1989 and is the leader of SHINee. The singer is highly appreciated for his warm voice. He also had a minor role in “Descendants of the Sun” starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

Source: K14

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