Former NMIXX Member JINI Radiates Chic Vibes with Debut EP Album Cover Release

Former NMIXX Member JINI exuded a chic atmosphere

JINI’s agency, ATOC, unveiled the cover image of her first EP album, “An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove,” on October 2nd.

In the cover image featuring JINI wearing a black mini dress, she can be seen emitting charisma with intense gaze and striking poses, exuding a captivating presence.

nmixx jinni

Especially in the released album cover image, JINI showcases a powerful aura, raising curiosity about the upcoming album and enhancing her chic charm.

JINI is planning a fan showcase on October 11th along with the album release, further increasing fans’ anticipation.

ATOC stated, “JINI’s first EP album, ‘An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove,’ encapsulates both strength and beauty, highlighting JINI’s diverse charms.” They added, “JINI is diligently preparing to show a different side to her fans, so please look forward to her official solo activities.”

Source: daum

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