Girl group TWICE member Sana shows intimate relationship with Japanese actress Mei Nagano 

Girl group TWICE member Sana shows intimate gestures with Japanese actress Mei Nagano. 

On May 21st, TWICE Sana posted several updates on her Instagram story. The idol said in Japanese, “Thanks to the fans who came to the Ajinomoto Stadium performance, it was the best first stadium performance! Thank you very much”. In the caption, Sana showed her gratitude to the fans who came and the staff who supported TWICE during Tokyo’s concert night. 


In addition, the idol also released several photos backstage of the concert tour in Tokyo.

Notably, Sana was seen hugging and posing intimately with Japanese actress Mei Nagano, who also attended the Tokyo performance of “TWICE 5TH WORLD TOUR: ‘READY TO BE’ in JAPAN”. The caption reads, “Mei came. I feel a little strange, but we’re close! Thank you so much for coming, adding, Let’s meet comfortably next time”.


TWICE is planning to release their 10th Japanese single “Hare Hare” in Japan on May 31st. In addition, TWICE’s first unit, MiSaMo, consisting of TWICE’s Japanese members (Mina, Sana, and Momo), is scheduled to make their official debut in Japan in July.

Source: nate 

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