Lawyer mentions FIFTY FIFTY lawsuit, “Contacting another company after failing to suspend contract is violation of contract”

Heated discussions over the contract lawsuit of the girl group FIFTY FIFTY are still being raised 

At a seminar for the development of the 2023 popular music industry held at the MPJ building, Mapo-gu, Seoul on September 14th, lawyer Nam Sung Chul mentioned the FIFTY FIFTY controversy

Someone raised a question about the recent FIFTY FIFTY lawsuit, saying “There is a period until the contract is officially suspended after an injunction for an exclusive contract suspension is filed, so is it possible for the artist to contact other companies during that time?”. 

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In response, lawyer Nam said, “The contract suspension is just a temporary decision made until the main judgment is issued”, adding “Whether the injunction is rejected or accepted, contacting another company during this period is a violation of the contract”.

He emphasized, “In the case of FIFTY FIFTY, their application for an injunction of exclusive contract suspension has been rejected. Therefore, the validity of their exclusive contract continues and it is considered a violation of contract if they contact another company”.

Lawyer Nam continued, “When the injunction is confirmed, the effectiveness of the contract is temporarily suspended. In fact, there is still a debate over whether contacting another company during this period is a violation”, adding “In this case, it may depend on the judgment of the main case.”

FIFTY FIFTY made their debut in November last year and hit the jackpot in the US market with the song “Cupid”. However, the members have been in a contract dispute with their company Attrakt since June this year. 

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During the lawsuit, the members filed an application for an injunction of exclusive contract suspension but the court turned down their request and asked both sides to resolve misunderstandings through an agreement. 

Later, the Seoul Central District Court held a mediation for FIFTY FIFTY and Attrakt but it fell through. FIFTY FIFTY members said they had no intention of reaching an agreement. As the court rejected FIFTY FIFTY’s contract suspension injunction, the four members remain artists under Attrakt. However, FIFTY FIFTY’s legal representative announced their plan to submit an appeal against the court’s ruling.

Source: Nate

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