DAY6 Young K thanks TWICE Dahyun for appearing in his music video

DAY6 Young K expressed his gratitude to TWICE Dahyun who starred in his music video

On September 5th, Young K guested on KBS Cool FM’s radio show “Lee Eun Ji’s Music Plaza” after releasing his first full album “Letters with notes” on the 4th.

After introducing his song, Young K then mentioned TWICE Dahyun’s appearance in his music video.

When Lee Eun Ji asked about their teamwork, Young K shared, “We have been close with each other since our trainee days. Since she was very focused on the shoot, I naturally became serious and concentrated on it better. I really appreciate her help”.

A listener then asked Young K, “I wonder what feedback PD Park Jin Young gave for your new song?”. In response, Young K said, “I didn’t hear any reactions from him about the title song. I only had a chance to let him listen to some b-side tracks and he praised my singing.”

When asked about what he has been doing these days, Young K said, “I enjoy the love of singing and being on stage. That’s the love I have for my parents, fans, and music. It’s not easy to live without love”. Lee Eun Ji also agreed. 

Source: Daum

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