Reasons why Shin Ryu Jin is the new ace of JYP’s upcoming girl group after Somi has gone

KPOP fans have shown their curiosity about JYP’s new ace, Shin Ryu Jin.

On August 20th, JYP officially announced that Somi, the long-time trainee and exclusive artist of the company, had terminated her contract. The news has made many fans of the Produce 101 winner very concerned, as she is considered to be the “ace” member of JYP’s upcoming girl group.

On the same day the news of Somi’s departure from JYP broke out, the company also revealed that the new girl group is preparing for their debut at the moment with the new ace being Shin Ryu Jin, the trainee who is known for getting first place in YG’s survival program MIXNINE. This has made many netizens wonder, “What does Shin Ryu Jin have to be able to replace Somi, KPOP’s number one “half-blood princess”?”


Shin Ryu Jin was born in 2001, which means she is only 17 years old. Unlike Somi, who has a mature beauty, Shin Ryu Jin is considered to have an innocent appearance, which is said to fix the public’s standard better. Despite her young innocent feminine look, the JYP trainee is actually very boyish. She admitted her personality is like a boy’s.

Shin Ryu Jin’s official image on MIXNINE
Are you sure you won’t fall for her feminine look?


Shin Ryu Jin is the member in charge of dancing and rapping in the group. MIXNINE is the place where she has many times shown her talents. Compared to that of TWICE’s Dahyun and Chaeyoung, who have the same position, Shin Ryu Jin’s rap is thought to be stronger and have better techniques. The trainee is expected to become a decent rapper after her debut.

Aside from rapping, Ryu Jin’s other advantage is her dancing skill. Right from the first round of the program, when President Yang came to each company to select the best trainees, she has received many compliments from him for her amazing “Look what you make me do” dance.

Shin Ryujin – Look What You Made Me Do
MIXNINE Shin Ryujin – After This Night Focus Cam

Gaining fame for her beautiful predebut graduation photos, Shin Ryu Jin is also known for her appearance in BTS’ Highlight Reel Video for “Love Yourself.” The short hair girl captured many fans’ hearts with her smile and great chemistry with J-Hope.

Love Yourself Highlight Reel ‘起’ – BTS

After that, the girl took part in MIXNINE. Despite the fact that the show wasn’t as popular as Produce 101 and she wasn’t able to debut, the JYP trainee had a chance to introduce herself to the public and boost her popularity.


After Somi’s departure and JYP’s announcement, Shin Ryu Jin is likely to debut as a member of TWICE’s junior girl group. With her beauty and talents and JYP’s promotion, Shin Ryu Jin’s debut is highly expected as she is the company’s new ace.

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